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Chorizo y Vino

Sometimes life needs a little vino (for me it’s often – read almost always – a Spanish red) and what goes with vino de Espana?  Yep. Chorizo.

And before we get into if Chorizo is Spanish or Mexican or Portuguese, all three have their own special, unique and yummy versions of Chorizo. There are also many other versions of Chorizo.  If you want/need to learn more, this seems like a good place to start.  Also, call me and we can make all sorts of Chorizo foods together.

(Isn’t that the cutest wine glass?  Thanks G’mA Baltimore!)

How to Pair Wine:

1) Decide what you are having for dinner

2) Consider if it will do well with a sweet, fruity light wine, or a rich, full bodied one. Perhaps a spicy wine would be appropriate with your dinner selection. There’s always the option to skip the dinner wine and just a desert wine, if the guests or occasion dictates.

3) Go to the store and hope they have a tasting so you can truly make a delicious selection

4) Realize that you have no idea how to pair wine and move on to step 5

5) Pick a bottle that you think you will like based on whatever reason you think you will like it, purchase it and go home to find out.

I did well this time 🙂

The Chorizo and Potato Hash was actually leftovers from last night, but there wasn’t quite enough left over for a really filling dinner tonight.  That’s really not a problem thought because I learned a nice trick from a good friend of mine a long time ago.  When you need to reheat left overs the next day – just throw them in a frying pan with an egg or two and fry it all up.

Works every time


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