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Making Cheese

Yes I did

You are looking at cream cheese sitting the the cheesecloth I wrapped it in to drain.  And, I just want to say one more time.  Yes I did.

Ok, Ok, now that we’ve gotten past my gloating, it’s not TECHNICALLY cream cheese… Its Labneh  – A middle eastern cheese that’s easy to make if you’re already making yogurt, which I am.

It tastes and acts a lot like cream cheese and you can use it just like cream cheese, at least I think you can.  I used it to top my chicken and bean casserole instead of cream cheese.

This casserole is soo easy too.  Its just shredded chicken, 2 cups of beans (any kind), 1 cup of corn, 1 jar of salsa – bake until bubbly and melt in cream cheese or labneh 🙂

But, my real victory this week was the garlic peppercorn pork tenderloin I made to replace the one I used to buy at Trader Joe’s.  I used this recipe and it is to die for delicious.


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