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An apology, an explaination, and two experiments

So… It’s been a long while and I feel like I need to apologize.  I disappeared with no warning or explanation.  I disappeared for a good reason though.  See below 😀


The lease at our apartment ended in January and we moved in with my grandma.  I cooked plenty while I was there, but I wasn’t very creative.  But, I’m back in my own house and this year, I might even be able to garden along with my cooking.  I’m going to give it a go.  We’ll see how green my thumb is.

On to the experiments.

I’ve been making my own cleaner with vinegar and water for a while.  It  super cheap and really does a good job of cleaning, but it IMG_0050smells like vinegar (of course).  The smell dissipates pretty quickly, but it’s extremely noticeable while actually cleaning.  I looked around the internet for some suggestions.  I found one and I’m hoping it works.  You soak orange peels in vinegar for a few weeks and use that instead of the regular vinegar.  I’m a little skeptical about the vinegar getting sticky from the oranges, but we’ll see.

The second one is vanilla extract.  I love using it, but I hate buying it.  It’s like $10 out of the weekly grocery budget and even though I know a little bottle takes a long time to use IMG_0051up, I still hate when I have to get more.  Instead, I found this recipe using vodka and decided to give it a shot (get it?).  I’m pretty sure it will work because it already looks darker and smells like vanilla and it’s only been a couple weeks.  Unfortunately, I won’t know for sure for another month and a half.  I’m really glad she mentions most store bought extracts have simple syrup in them, so when I can use this batch, I’ll need to figure that into my recipe.  Theoretically, you can just keep adding more vodka as you use it.  That is the part I really like – having a never ending supply of vanilla extract.  I’m sure at some point the beans will loose their kick, but hopefully it will be years from now.


Just because my blog has been neglected doesn’t mean my stomach has.

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