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Of Milk and Meat

Mountains Peeking

A few miles West of my house in the “city,” farms are everywhere.  Anyone from Virginia can tell you – if you drive far enough away from the cities, you start to see mountains peeking up in the distance and the roads get just a little more windy.  Drive even farther and you will start to see farms on either side. Farms with corn, farms with cows, farms with an eclectic mix of livestock and vegetables.  It’s one of my favorite things about where I live.  The sad part is, a lot of the food you get from the grocery store, isn’t from here.  It’s shipped from California or Mexico or farther.  Virginia is, however, know for a few things like peaches, apples, beef and peanuts – those you can find in our grocery stores if you look.

I spent the day out on farms today.  First, I went to visit my milk cows.  I have to tell you about my near obsessiveness with dairy. I

She is actually pretty friendly for a milk cow. Apparently Jersey’s are known for being curious.

know there is a huge debate about whether or not people should actually drink milk after they reach a certain age. I don’t have the answer for that, I just know that I love it.  I’ve also heard a bit about how some groups of people developed having the enzyme that makes it possible for them to digest dairy.  If that is true, then I believe I am one of those people.

Back to my obsessiveness.  I drink milk all the time.  I have some with dinner. I have more before I go to bed. I eat yogurt every day. I put cheese on many things.  I think you really have to know me and witness this to fully understand my love for dairy. So, I went to visit my cows. Without cows, I couldn’t have milk.

The goats were so friendly. They jump up on you like a dog if you let them. Just watch your belt-loops and hair, they are nibblers!

The lady who cares for them is really great.  She walked us around her farm and showed us all that she does and she does more than just milk cows.  She also has goats, pigs, vegetables and kids (the human kind, not goat kind).  We spent a good two hours walking around, talking and enjoying the scenery.

They look so happy basking in the mud.

I was also really close to my meat farm, so I stopped by their farm store.  They have a beautiful place too, but they ask you to schedule time with them if you want to take an actual tour, which I neglected to do, so I just got the quick drive through, stop at the store and chat with one of the farmers for a minute or two tour.

And of course, I stopped by G’ma’s farm to say hello.  It’s not a working farm so much anymore, but my family has started a small vegetable plot, so I got some goodies.

G’ma’s House

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  1. Nice country drive!

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