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Apparently my CSA started this week.. SURPRISE!

I got an email yesterday about coming to the farm to pick up my first share of the season, the real season doesn’t actually start for another few weeks.  I don’t know if this is how all CSAs work, but I’ve been really pleased with this one.  Leigh (the owner) has invited me and the other members out to his house almost weekly to pick up eggs, asparagus, herbs, and just to walk around and talk.  That being said…

I had NO idea what I was in for.  This week’s share consisted of mostly greens and one last week of free eggs. Oh, that’s normal, you might think.  Well, let me tell you about my greens -I got swiss chard, kale, two kinds of mustard greens, pak choi AND kohlrabi, mizuna, tatsoi, and tokyo bekana (uh, what!?)

So this week I learned that I will be continuing to learn about what the hell to do with vegetables I didn’t know existed.  I also learned that when you join a CSA, you fridge goes from having these neatly labeled, easy to organize bags, jars, and cans of food to a crazy beast that’s filled with unlabeled grocery bags (I knew there was a reason I was saving those) full of greens that you have NO idea what to do with.  For your reference, a picture of my fridge:


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