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I ran out of chicken broth, so of course I had to make more.  It works out though since I wanted chicken this week anyways for my chicken and artichoke alfredo lasagna.  Besides roasting a chicken, cleaning all the meat off and putting the bones, water, and veggies (have I told you about saving veggie butts?) in the crock pot, I also made quiche, bread, and cooked artichokes for the first time.

Veggies and Chicken stock

Ok, for a long time I didn’t make my own chicken stock, even though I knew how.  There were a few reasons for that, but mostly because I didn’t realize just how easy it is to put bones, water, and veggies in a crock pot and let it cook. It’s basically free to make if you get chicken on the bones, and you don’t even need ALL the chicken bones – just breast bones or leg bones work just fine.

My other problem was that I knew veggies should be added and cooked with the bones, but then you have to throw them away. I know technically it’s not wasting the veggies since they are flavoring the stock, but it really felt like I was just throwing them away since I didn’t get to EAT them.  I stumbled on an AMAZING IDEA on the internet (THANKS INTERNET!) that completely solves that problem.  Are you ready?

Put a jar in the freezer for all your veggie butts. I eat carrots, but I don’t eat the top part where it has the stem and sometimes (rarely) I do have a recipe where I need to peel the carrots. No more throwing those away! Into the freezer jar! Along with celery cuttings, onion tops (and that outer layer that doesn’t taste very good), the mushy pieces of garlic that’s left after I press it and any other veggie trimmings I happen to have that month. Problem solved.

And if you made it through this whole post, here’s a reward 🙂 A picture of the dinner I made tonight. And yes, I did make the lasagna noodles.


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