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Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket?

Yep. That’s what I did.

And some more in an egg carton.

And even more in another egg carton.

And don’t forget about the ones that were already in my fridge…

You might ask, what to do with all those eggs?

I’ll tell you. Invite people over and feed them eggs. Or Invite them over and give them eggs when they leave. Or make sweet potato whole wheat buns and put an egg in them. Or (this is a novel idea) eat them. Because eggs are delicious.

My eggs come from the CSA that I signed up for this year.  I haven’t gotten any veggies yet (cause it’s still March), but I have gotten to go out to the farm and walk around and see all the little baby veggies that one day I will get to eat. AND I get an email about once a week basically begging all the CSA members to please come to the farm and pick up some free eggs.  AND I get to meet the chickens that lay my eggs. AND the farmer who takes care of them.


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