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Tonight we had tacos and guacamole on tortillas for dinner.  The past few nights we had white chicken chili with cabbage slaw.  Simple quick dinners, right?  Not so much.  It sometimes takes me three days to make one meal (one meal that can be eaten for a few days of course!).

White Chicken Chili – chicken, beans, peppers (and you’re probably asking how that could take soo long, don’t worry, I’ll tell you.)

For chili you need beans.  Beans come in a can, but cans are expensive, and wasteful, and who knows what is put in them.  So dried beans it is.  To eat the chili on Tuesday, the process starts on Monday morning.  Rinse and pick through beans and put them in a pot with a lot of water.  Monday night, drain, add new water. Tuesday morning, drain, add more water.  Put them in the crock pot Tuesday afternoon with some chicken stock (good thing I made that on Saturday so I have stock and chicken to put in the chili already), an onion, jalapenos, pepper, cayenne, cumin, and fresh garlic. Cook on high for a few hours, then add the chicken and heat on low for another hour or so.

One meal for the week done… now to start the next.

Tacos must have tortillas, and being me, I must make them.

Tacos on Thursday night means starting the tortillas on Wednesday night.  I use my sourdough starter, a cup of whole wheat flour and 1/4 of lard (yes, lard).  It’s a recipe for crackers that I found on Kitchen Stewardship, but it works awesome for tortillas.Mix it all together and let it sit in a tupperware until I’m ready to cook the tortillas.

Thursday night, make guacamole and taco filling.  I added an equal amount of refried beans to the taco meat to double the amount of filling I had. I made the refried beans the last time we had tacos and used half in that batch and froze half for later.

Can you tell half of that is beans?  Secret veggies!!!

On to the tortillas. After rolling them out, I put them in a cast iron pan and fry for a min or less on each side.

After you’re done, it’ll look something like this


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