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Anyone who knows me, knows I like to make things at home.  Lots of things.  Bread, Cereal, Yogurt, Granola Bars, Pasta, Chicken Broth.  Tonight, it was granola 🙂 and bread, and buns, since we’re having hot dogs and sweet potato fries tomorrow (YUM). Plus fried catfish and quinoa for dinner tonight.

The granola was a happy accident.  I was trying to make granola bars and found a new recipe for no bake granola bars here:

But it didn’t work, probably because I didn’t really follow the recipe at all.  I used a mix of butter, brown sugar, and maple syrup instead of the butter, honey and sucanet that’s in the recipe.  Oh well, I was able to save the first batch by adding flour and applesauce and baking it.  They were good, but the Dave said he thought the granola would have made great cereal.  So, I made it again for cereal.

The bun recipe I use is from King Arthur Flour, and it’s perfect! Every time! (ok, it took a few times of getting flat, but flavorful, buns before I got it right).  Now they look like this

Like I said, perfect, and oh so good.



You can read all about the debate over milk. Raw vs pasteurized, homogenized vs non, whole vs skim. I don’t know which one is the best, but I do know that I don’t like the idea of homogenization – breaking down fat particles and forcing them back into the milk so they stay suspended instead of rising to the top. It sounds weird, it’s also really inconvenient when trying to make other things out of milk.  I spent a lot of this past weekend looking at where to find non homogenized milk because I made butter and it took way longer than it should have. I gave up on finding it.  The only way I could find was to literally rent a cow and get raw milk from it, I’m not doing that (yet).

I was wrong! I found it! I have literally been dancing all evening because I am so excited!! With non homogenized milk you can make yogurt, you can drink it, or you can let it separate and make butter and buttermilk and you’ll still have milk to drink!!

It was expensive – 3.99 for a half gallon, but that will make 64 ounces of yogurt (store bought is almost twice as expensive). And if I can get butter, buttermilk and drinking milk for 3.99, I kinda think that’s a deal, depending on just how much butter I get out of the cream. Too bad I just made butter and don’t need anymore for a while – maybe I’ll think up some way to use it 🙂

Oh! And it comes in a glass bottle. That you return to the store. That the wash and refill and reuse. How can it be any better than that?

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